Yang Style Tai Chi

There are many styles of Tai Chi Chaun. Tai Chi Chuan forms can range from a very athletic form to a slow deliberate moving form. Yang style is slow, big movement and flowing form.

Tai Chi Information

Tai Chi Chaun’s movements brings about mental calm and clarity. By practicing Tai Chi, it relieving the physical effects of stress on the body and mind.  Researchers have found that Tai Chi Chaun practice shows some favorable effects on the promotion of balance control, flexibility and, cardiovascular fitness.  Regular practice of Tai Chi can significantly increase psychological well-being including reduction of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Tai Chi Class

Note: I am teaching the 16-form Yang Style class at 9:30 am Saturday in the  Wayne Ferguson Plaza, 150 W. Church Street, Lewisville.  This is a free class.   You now have to register for the Tai Chi Class because I can only have 10 students.  Bring your mask.

Go to: http://www.cityoflewisville.com Scroll to: Leisure and Parks  Scroll to: Attraction and Events  Scroll to: Special Events and Festivals  Scroll down to: Wayne Ferguson Plaza on Facebook  Click on: Events   Scroll down to: Tai Chi Chaun Essential Class with Lowell Johnson  Click on: Register and sign up for class on the amilia website or if you feel lucky, stop by the class and hopefully you can be one of the 10 students in my class. 

Tuesday – I teach a private 24/49-form class on Tuesday at 2:00 pm.

Wednesday – I teach a 16-form class at the The Robert & Lee DuVall Center (948B Highland Village Rd, Highland Village) on Wednesday morning at 10:30 am.

Wednesday and Saturday – I teach a 16 and 108-form class on Wednesday 5:30 pm and Saturday at 7:45 am at the 2D Sports and Fitness (1219 Brumlow Road, Southlake).   We will be meeting at Studio D which located on the back right corner of the Gymnasium facility.  

Saturday – I teach a 16-form Yang Style class at 9:30 am in the Wayne Ferguson Plaza, 150 W. Church Street, Lewisville. This is a free class.  Please register for class. I can only have 10 students.

Keep practicing Tai Chi.

Lowell Johnson


Davi Garritano

Academy Instructor

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Exploring “Separate Empty and Full”

Exploring and deepening one of the Master Yang Chengfu’s Ten Essentials: Separate Empty and Full, from different perspectives according to Master Yang Jun’s teachings and personal investigation.

Number of Classes:  4

Dates of Classes:   September 14-17, 2020

Time of Classes:  11:00 BRT; 07:00 PDT

Language of Classes:  English



To learn more about Tai Chi: Go to: https://yangfamilytaichi.com/  –  Click on “Learn Tai Chi”  – Scroll down to “Study Material”.  Here you will find an explanation for various movements in the form.  

You can also find the 24-form, 49-form and 108-form by using www.youtube.com and looking at the Yang Style Tai Chi information

For more information on Yang Style Tai Chi visit: www.yangfamilytaichi.com/

Tai Chi Guy


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